Sub Rosa

My journey to this blog began when my friends Jen and Erica showed me their blog. After going through their blog, I became a little bit curious about the idea of blogs. This curiosity, lead me into reading different blogs. Some inspired me and some bored the hell out of me. Blogging was not in my mind until one fine day, while I was reading a random blog post, a thought came to my mind: “I should create a blog where I can write about thoughts which not only inspire me but also to all those who read it.”

But where do I open one? This question was followed by a profound research. When I got tired, I chose ‘WordPress’. Next, I had to think of a blog address. This part was tricky with a touch of fun in it. I had to think of a blog address which defines my blog satisfyingly. I thought of more than 18 options but to choose just one was perplexing. With no other way out, I knocked the door of everyone around me.

I know that I should take my own decision and not disturb people with trivial doubts but, this is important to me. After all, this is my first blog and I want no nonsense in it. And, a little bit of consultation is not a bad idea, isn’t it?

Conversation, discussion, innovation and guidance followed. This zeroed to the point where I had to pick one option out of the three ultimate ones. I took my time and finally decided to combine the elements of all the three and make one whole compound out of it. This is how the name ‘oasisofunleashedthoughts’ was made. This name tells us that this blog is the dwelling place of my thoughts which have been unleashed with the intention to soothe and cheer all minds. Personally, I saw the reflection of all my near and dear ones in it and hence, liked it almost instantaneously.

Frankly, I was a bit worried about its length, till, I stumbled on a blog address which was more bizarre than mine. Anyway, I now want to give time to nurture it. When you give time to something, it becomes a part of you and anything related to it, good or bad is all yours. So, if ever I receive criticism about this blog, I might see if there is any truth in it. If I find some truth, then I won’t mind improving for the better. But, if there is no truth, then obviously, it won’t matter. Simple! In short – I am proud of my blog!

My journey has not come to an end here; it has just begun…


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