What did Bade Peer do?


The devil whispered in the ear,
Of the one who feared,
Tormented with anguish unknown,
Came the humble soul to my home.

The sight of me was a plight,
A smile appeared as a disguise,
Hesitation loomed in talking,
To release something precious.

The precious was already free,
Allah had sent for me to see,
This is how one should be,
But you be you, my lily.

The devil’s work was done,
Pain caused, unrest within,
How to make you understand?
The insulting behavior seen.

Words after words poured out,
Wanting to explain, didn’t know how,
Still the soul wanted to stay away,
Purity remained but went unseen.

The devil whispered again,
Didn’t I tell you, kid!
Misreading and judging again,
The insulting torment followed.

Didn’t know whom to call out,
Went to a gathering at Nana’s home,
Peeran E Peer was waiting there,
And I poured my heart out to him.

My Bade Peer took the matter in his hands,
Calmed me, coaxed me into a task,
Of helping out an ailing soul,
And supporting his better half.

I was shielded from the eyes,
I was shielded from the doubts,
I was shielded from the vice,
I was shielded from the negative.

One followed the other,
Task after task, I got busier,
Silence came back with happiness,
Return of the calmness and goodness.

The precious too got bestowed with precious,
The elders blessed and the dear ones cheered,
Deserving of all the things fine,
Hey! That’s how a celebration is done.

I still wonder what the Devil is doing,
Disturbance caused is unforgiving.
With pyare Peer by my side,
I know, he’ll always be their saving.


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