My first blog post!

This is my first blog post and I am very excited. Funny, how a first of anything catches all your attention and in turn awakens different emotions. If I ponder over this topic, I realize that we never forget our first time of anything. Be it good or bad, we simply can’t get it off our memory. Sometimes, it so happens that we actually do something for the first time without even realizing it and then exclaim, “Hey! I never did anything like that in my entire life!” Sometimes we take a lot of time just to make our minds to do something for the first time. For example, those who tried their hands at swimming might remember just how much time they took to actually make themselves jump off the springboard for the first time. I remember, when I was a kid, the girl behind me was going all crazy when I took my time to just jump. I had so many things to do which she never would have understood. I had to calm my nerves, take deep breaths, stop shivering, accept the fact that I had to jump a height which was close to a two storey building, I had to do it right or get hurt and on top of it, I had to call my courage which had run away from that suicidal spot! That’s really too many things to do in a matter of some seconds, isn’t it? I remember telling that girl, “wait! I’ll jump! I’ll jump!” Also, I wanted to sue the person who invented this crazy thing for an adrenaline rush. Eventually, when I didn’t jump after a whole minute, she came forward threatening to push me and that was scarier than the jump. So, I simply jumped. Whilst I was in the air, I surrendered completely to the laws of Physics and felt like a mere object under gravity. The free fall was new to my senses. My mind registered just two seconds of the fall like snapshots and then, I heard a huge splash when I entered the pool. The next thing I realized was that I was going deep down into the blue pool. It was not scary like I had thought it to be but was amusingly beautiful. I don’t know how exactly I resurfaced. I guess, the water had pushed me up after noticing I didn’t belong there. The entire experience of my first jump into the pool was unbelievable. Years passed and this memory of my first jump never faded. Life is just like this. Many times, we assume things to be dangerous and take a lot of time thinking and getting ourselves ready to combat the unknown. As more and more seconds pass, we get more and more scared instead of being courageous. But, when we don’t think much, when we don’t register the magnanimity of the situation and just plainly face it, we realize the entire experience taught us something new. Pleasant or scary, it is worth more to gather memories before we kick the bucket than wasting too much of time for imaginary, unrealistic, deep buried horrors of our senses which might never exist.


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